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JMT Sunless Light Solution 8%JMT Sunless Light Solution 8%With 8% DHA, JMT Light Solution 8 is the lightest shade. Formerly called Treasure Bay, this solution is perfect for those who may want a light, natural-looking sunless tan. It is also a great choice for first time sunless tanners or those with very fair skin.
JMT Sunless Dark Solution 12%JMT Sunless Dark Solution 12%With 12% DHA JMT Dark Solution 12 is a long-time favorite because of its results – an extra rich, deep, dark, bronze sunless tan. Formerly called Montego Bay, this solution is perfect for those who have a solid base tan. It is also a great choice for anyone with a medium to dark skin tone.  
JMT Sunless Quick Dry SolutionJMT Sunless Quick Dry SolutionYou want quick.....with no stick? We have it! JMT Sunless Quick Dry is the perfect solution for all of those customers who don't like that sticky-tacky feeling after a spray tan. This fragrance free solution is perfect for customers who are sensitive to odors. For a quick odor-free tan without the stick, try JMT Quick Dry solution. 
JMT Sunless Ultra Dark Solution 16%JMT Sunless Ultra Dark Solution 16%
With 16% DHA, JMT Ultra Dark Solution 16, formerly called Competition Tanning, is generally used for clients who are looking for the deepest darkest color tan. This extra deep bronze shade is perfectly blended for those looking for the ultimate deep tan. 
This solution is perfect for stage events such as cheer squads or body fitness competitions.
JMT Sunless Medium Solution 10%JMT Sunless Medium Solution 10%
With 10% DHA, JMT Medium Solution 10 is the most popular choice. Solution 10 provides just the right amount of bronzers for a beautiful, not-too-dark, not-too-light sunless tan. Formerly called Ocho Rios, this solution is perfect for those who want a natural-looking spray tan. It is also a great choice for anyone who may already have some base tan or those who have a fair to medium skin tone.  
JMT Sunless Rapid Tan SolutionJMT Sunless Rapid Tan SolutionNeed a sunless solution that doesn’t require a long wait time to shower? Rapid Tan is it! Rapid Tan is specially formulated with fast acting Eco Certified DHA to help achieve a beautiful sunless tan while shortening the wait time to shower.
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