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About Us
Helping Professionals With Beauty and Business

Helping Professionals With Beauty and Business

Airbrush Tan Masters only offers high quality products you can depend on.

We at Airbrush Tan Masters strive to be the best in customer service by having a broad understanding of spray tan equipment and supplies.  With the variety of airbrush and HVLP equipment in the beauty industry today, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which will best suit your individual needs.  If there are any questions about the equipment and supplies we sell, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We will be happy to offer our advice on which spray tan machine and solutions will produce your preferred results.  Clients will be contacted within 24 hours. 

Airbrush Tan Masters backs only the best equipment sold on the market today, so you know that you're going to get professional performance.  We guarantee that you will get new, unused equipment and fresh solutions.  

Airbrush Tanning Equipment:

We carry two brands of airbrush tanning equipment the Iwata Airbrush and Paasche Airbrush. These two companies fulfill all of our airbrushing needs and we really enjoy using their airbrush tanning kits.

Iwata Airbrush Tan Equipment comes with a standard five year warranty. With Iwata equipment you can do all types of services in the beauty industry such as Spray Tanning, Airbrush makeup, Temporary Body art and Airbrush Nails. We love that airbrushing can offer so much to our clients and provide you with new markets to add revenue to your business.

Paasche Airbrush Tanning Equipment comes with a standard one year warranty. Paasche is a more affordable brand of airbrush equipment for those who are just starting out with spray tanning. One of the things we love about Paasche Airbrush is that it is not only affordable but you get quality in your airbrush tanning equipment.

HVLP Turbine Tanning Equipment:

At Airbrush Tan Masters we also have two types of HVLP Turbine tanning equipment. The Maxi Mist is the #1 best sellers in spray tan equipment.  They are constantly improving their products and introducing new innovations. We also offer a line of Fuji HVLP machines as an alternative. 

Maxi Mist Turbine tanning Equipment comes with a standard two year warranty on most all there equipment. They also have a lifetime warranty on their pro series spray guns. Return rates on maxi mist are very, VERY low.  We know by selling the Maxi Mist our customers are getting the best and that gives us no worries. We hope you like them as much as we do.

Fuji comes with a standard one year warranty on most of the HVLP turbine tan equipment. Some of their items also have an extended warranty.  

Spray Tanning Solutions:

We offer many different popular brands of spray tan solutions.  Our goal is to give you the solution you want at a great price and fantastic customer service.  We continually update our brands to offer you some of the newest on the market today. If you would like to see them all.  If there is a brand you would like but do not see, please contact us and let us know.

Here are a few of our favorite Selections:

Tampa Bay:  Tampa Bay Tan has high quality tanning solution in a variety of DHA concentrations.  They have great prices and we love the solutions. The Revive anti-aging and Tan Envy is their most popular so pick up one to try.

Vani-T tan is also known as Liquid Sun. We are proud to now be able to bring you their Liquid Sun tanning solution and sunless tanning supplies. Vani-T is very popular in Europe (where spray tanning is a very big industry), and now we have it too. There spray tan solutions have so much to offer you will just have to look them up and see for yourself.  You will not regret it!

Spray Tan Booths and Tents:

Though Airbrush tanning equipment and hvlp Turbines have been redesigned to cut down as much as possible on spray tan over spray, there still is a mess to be made. Pop up tents are very popular to contain overspray and keep you tanning area cleaner. They really are great for in home tanning, mobile tanning, and even in a salon.

 They come with clear tops and with windows to allow more lighting. You can get them in a range of colors but the best seller is the brown popup tents and black as a close second. They are double stitched and are very durable.

We also have the tower systems for salons. These are very professional looking for any salon or spa business.  They come complete with filter system and you can also have your own logo or special color added to them.  Due to the size, these are not recommended for mobile tanning.  If you would like something like the tower system for your mobile tanning business, look into the backdrop for tanning. A great alternative with close to the same professional look.

Spray Tan Supplies:

Spray Tanning is not professional without all the necessary supplies that go with it.  We have an affordable range of disposable wear items such as the bras, g-strings, thongs, sticky feet, hair caps, nose filters, and much more at an affordable price.
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