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Amp Intensity Booster Drops 8 ozAmp Intensity Booster Drops 8 ozBooster Drops are for those that would like a Boost to the color guide for a darker spray on tan with an added DHA percentage.
Bali Bronzer DropsBali Bronzer Drops
Widely used on Hollywood sets and in the fitness industry, Bali Bronzer is a spray tan solution additive for achieving darker, instant color. These cosmetic drops do not contain DHA and will wash off with the first shower. Size: 1 oz.
Recommended for: Achieving a darker instant color with spray tan application. Does not contain DHA and will wash off with first shower.
Directions: Use 1-2 drops per ounce of tanning solution.
Booster DHA Dark DropsBooster DHA Dark Drops
Lavish Tan Dark Drops are an airbrush tanning additive product designed for professional tanning technician use only. This product should only be used on naturally olive and darker skin tones.
Fragrance Drops - Airbrush Tanning Solution AdditiveFragrance Drops - Airbrush Tanning Solution Additive
Hate that awful, distinct spray tan smell?  Even though Lavish Tan solution already has a light, pleasant natural aroma, add an extra highlight to your Lavish Tan. A great add on option for your customers! Allows your business to stand out from the competition! 
Liquid Gold Shimmer DropsLiquid Gold Shimmer Drops

Add a little sparkle to your developing spray tan with Liquid Gold Shimmer Drops! This solution additive is cosmetic and will wash off with the first shower. Size: 1 oz.

Recommended for: Achieving a sparkle/shi

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