Spray Tan Pop-Up Tents and Curtains Spray Tanning Pop up Tents and Curtains
Easy, Affordable, & Convenient Tanning Tents.

Easy, Affordable, & Convenient Tanning Tents.

pop up tanning tent fold
Pop up Tanning Tents are a portable spray tan booth that can pop up in seconds. Spray Tan Tents are an essential product for the mobile tan business and for home uses. These Portable Spray Tanning Tents and Booths are quality made and double stitched. Don't be fooled into purchasing a cheap pop-up tent. Get the best Pop up tents and have it last.
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Spray Tanning Portable Pop Up Tents perfect for Mobile Tanning and Home uses.

Spray Tanning Portable Pop Up Tents perfect for Mobile Tanning and Home uses.

Spray tanning booths are a must have in any professional or home setting where spray tans occur.  This doesn't mean that you must buy a spray tanning tent, but it is an option that many of you enjoy.

Many mobile tan business and homes prefer the pop up spray tan tents we have.  Our pop up tents fold and unfold easily and are great for portable carrying and storage.  If you are wanting to start a mobile tanning business or if your looking to just spray tan in your home, these portable pop up tents are a really fun and easy item to use.

We have a few more options for stationary spray tanning areas than the portable tanning tents.  If you would like to see them please check out our Spray Tan Booths.

Filter systems are a must in areas that perform many spray tans in a general day. Over-spray Filter systems cut down on the over-spray of spray tan solution in the air.  Dha tan Solutions are FDA approved for external use.  Some consumers have reported problems with breathing, dizzy, and sickness due to the spray mist booths (automatic spray tanning booths), but few reports come from airbrush tanning systems and turbine tan systems.

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