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Maxi-Mist Pro Evolution Mobile Turbine Spray Tanning Equipment
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MaxiMist™ Evolution Pro Complete System

(for manufacturer defects)

(110V-A plug, or 230V-C plug)

20-25 applications a day, 5-6 days a week




If you’re looking for a Professional Spray Tanning System, look no further.
The  MaxiMist™ Evolution Pro is designed for one purpose, providing an absolute perfect full body Spray Tan every time, in under 3 minutes, using the least amount of product. (normally 2oz or less)
Simple operation, easy to maintain, and beginner friendly, allowing mastery in only a few practice sessions.

Salon use in a lightweight compact mobile system, all in one package.

A great Professional Package for the busy technician, in a lightweight mobile design

The Turbine (Motor) Powerhouse

Turbine HVLP systems work by pushing out high volumes of air to propel the solution product. But it does not end there. You can have too much air volume blasting away (the fire hose effect), or more significantly with many systems, production of too little air flow.
In too many cases, the motors used in a number of systems sold online today are created for occasional consumer “Home Hobby” use only.
They are intended to be used once every few weeks, or only every few months. These units were not designed for the type of usage required for the consistent use in a typical tanning technician environment.

The Taper fan turbine used in the MaxiMist™ system is a proven performer in the Earlex Commercial HVLP line and provides superior reliability, with dependable performance. This is not a standard “hobby grade” unit. It supplies the consistent, and correct airflow volumes needed for optimal spray finish results with tanning solution products; neither too much, nor to little. This unit will easily spray 15-25 people a day, day after day, for the busy tech on the go.


This motor runs cooler than any other turbine motor we have ever tested in its class.

Volume Level

All turbine based systems sound like vacuum cleaners, this is the nature of this type of device. However, this unit runs quieter than any other turbine based unit in its category. Unlike other “screamers” on the market, you can speak without yelling while the unit is running.


One important element of a turbine system, is the filter. This helps prevent solution and debris from entering the motor compartment through the air intake.
The MaxiMist™ reusable filter is located conveniently, for easy visual checking and user removal and cleaning. It’s easy to get to, and clean. And we include a second spare replacement filter with your order.
The Turbine powerhouse weights in at less than 8lbs.

Hose with Stay Tight Quick Connection

Our ‘EZ connect’ feature is exclusive to the MaxiMist

We guarantee your hose will never blow out the back of your spray gun with our exclusive ‘EZ connect’ feature.

Once you attach the MaxiMist Pro Gun to our ‘EZ Flex’ Zero Memory, Air Supply Hose with Quick Connects, it’s not going anywhere.

Go ahead and swing it around the room, your gun isn’t coming off!

Unique to the MaxiMist is the ‘EZ Flex’ Zero Memory Air Supply Hose with ‘cool touch’ Rubber Quick Connects. We use special lightweight heat resistant alloy fittings with rubber protective boots.
Your package includes an extra long ultra flexible hose, which allows easy 360 movement around your client for easy front to back spraying

Easy Client Blow Dry feature

The spray gun continually provides constant out going air flow during the entire solution application, facilitating the skin drying process as you spray. When the spray gun trigger is completely released, the unit blows a continuous air flow only, for a soft “blow dry” feature. Or if you prefer, simply detach the gun from the air hose. Now you are equipped with a concentrated high speed air current for fast drying.

On Board Hose Storage:

The base come with equipped hose holders for wrap around hose storage.

The Professional Gun:

The MaxiMist™ Pro Series Spray Gun is extremely lightweight compared to other Pro type spray guns. The entire gun is made with Lightweight Air Craft Grade Aluminum providing many years of service with ease of care.

The MaxiMist™ Pro Series Spray Gun is combined with a .06 mm Stainless Steel tip and needle assembly that provides unparalleled Tanning Solution atomization giving a flawless application with the least amount of over spray.

MaxiMist Pro Gun Side view 1

The MaxiMist™ Pro Series Spray Gun also features a Duck Bill to control solution back flow instead of the standard check valve. Check valves clog easily and cause many spray guns to simply not spray. Our unique Duck Bill eliminates this issue forever.

No Check Valve

With a Cool Grip ergonomic handle the MaxiMist™ Pro Series Spray Gun is simply a pleasure to use.

Cool Grip Handle

Easy To Use Adjustments:

Simple adjustments for both spray pattern width as well as vertical and horizontal techniques and air flow allow you to precisely control the spray pattern to fit your method and will apply any tanning solution with flawless precision.


Horizontal Technique (Spraying Left to Right)             Vertical Technique (Spraying Up & Down)


The MaxiMist™ Pro Series Spray Gun features an EZ Flip adjustment knob that allows you to quickly dial into “Airbrush” mode for touch ups and contouring.

Airbrush Mode


Airbrush Mode                                                                     Standard Mode


 Airbrush Mode Round Pattern for Contouring, Touch ups, Bikini Lines

Heat and Airflow:

The Air Flow passage is located through the top of the spray gun, not through the handle as many on the market today. This Direct Air Flow system provides unrestricted airflow to the Spray head, giving better atomization while also eliminating heat buildup in the cool grip spray handle (in other designs, this area can get quite hot after continued use.)

Stainless Steel Tip and Needle:

The MaxiMister Pro Series Spray Gun features all Stainless Steel fluid passageways, Stainless Steel Tip and Needle assembly, and a simple single flow adjustment to obtain the perfect amount of solution flow.
The MaxiMister Pro Series Spray Gun has very few parts, you can disassemble the entire gun and reassemble in a few minutes. (If the need ever arises).
No other system has the atomization properties of this setup. Correct tip and needle sizing (0.6mm) for efficient solution utilization with a soft 1.7 psi spray tip pressure. The ideal finish level for complete whole body spraying for face, body, hands and feet. With this gun, you do not need a separate face and body gun. Our EXCLUSIVE setup provides the greatest atomization and the softest spray of any system currently on the market, …..period.

Easy Adjustment

The MaxiMist Pro Series Spray Gun features a simple “EZ Flip” Air dial, choose a Horizontal or Vertical or “Airbrush” mode spray pattern with a simple “push, twist and click” Simple to use, even for the beginner.
The Air Cap Ring and Air Cap are made of Aircraft Grade Aluminum, which will not corrode. Light weight metals reduce overall gun weight. NO brass interior parts to eliminate corrosion concerns.
No O-rings to lose!

Spare Parts, cups, accessories:

The three extra solution cups are ideal for storing different blends and can be used to ‘hot-swap’ during busy sessions.

The spares pack ensures you are always prepared.

Items Included:

  • 3 x spare solution cups
  • 3 x replacement Cups gasket
  • 1 x spare turbine filter
  • 1 x spare pick-up tube
  • 1 x Extra Duck Bill Assembly (eliminates need for check valves)
  • 1 x Extra Needle Spring
  • 1 x Spray Gun Lube

And best of all, the Pro Spray gun has a lifetime warranty.
(per warranty terms, manufacturer defects)

You won’t find a better spray gun on the market !!

We finish off this great package with a free generous sampling of our Unique Airbrush Tanning Solution Blends, in the most popular medium depths.

We include 8oz each of our:

  • Tan ExtraordinAire 8%
  • Tanfastic 8.5%
  • Revive 9%
  • TanEnvy 9.5%
  • Aussie Bronze 10%
  • Natural Tan 10%
  • Rapid Tan (shower off to regulate color depth)
  • CYA Skin Prep spray
  • MaxiClean Spray Gun Cleaner
  • Barrier cream
  • vegan, not animal tested
  • paraben and gluten free solutions
  • natural organic ingredients in every bottle
  • manufactured and formulated by Tampa Bay Tan


For best freshness and stability, product refrigeration is recommended

Product substitutions option is not available

This way YOU can try all blends and see which one will be your favorite Tampa Bay Tan Airbrush Spray Tanning solution.


Pro Series Package includes:

  • Turbine Power House 110 v
  • 13ft Easy Flex High Temp Low Memory Coil Reinforced Hose with quick connection
  • MaxiMister Pro Series Spray Gun with 3 extra Solution Cups with Air Tight Lid (4 cups total)1.7 PSI
  • Complete spares pack with everything you will ever need for on the spot repairs and service.
  • Complete Instructions WITH EZY SET UP GUIDE
  • 2 Year Warranty on Turbine motor, against manufacturer defects
  • Lifetime Warranty on Professional Gun (manufacturer defects)
  • Spray System Not Made In China
  • Solution Sample Package in medium
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